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Spice Things Up

An article in the Arizona Republic explains why hot weather and hot food are a cool combination. I’ve interviewed the chef, Randy Zweiban, who’s quoted in the story.

What is your go- to ethnic cuisine when you’re in the mood to spice things up? Where do you find it?

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Mexico’s Gift

Great story about what makes Mexican mole so delicous.

Where do you go to get your fix of this traditional labor intensive  sauce? If you make it yourself,  what’s the best source of ingredients? Antone out there have a recipe to share?


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Ethnic Apps

Not talking appetizers. This is about how smartphones can help you eat ethnic.  Anybody using these? Have others to recommend?

Foodies find new flavors with global-cuisine apps
A slew of new iPhone apps aims to aid food lovers in their continual quest for what’s new in global cuisine. Apps offer everything from help deciphering dish descriptions on ethnic menus to directions to the nearest drive-through sushi joint, writes consultant and Mashable contributor Jeana Lee Tahnk, who shares her top 10 list. Mashable

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Which Q are U?

According to a story in today’s Nation’s Restaurant News the flavors of ethnic bbq are a top summer trend . When it comes to pork and chicken the survey showed that chefs and consumers like the kick and spice of Latin, Caribbean, and Asian cuisines.

So what I want to know is which country makes your favorite version of bbq, what is your “can’t live without it” dish, and where do you go to get it?


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Emerging Ethnic Cuisines

Trend watchers say next up in the ethnic fare popularity contest are Peruvian, Moroccan, Korean, Japanese and New American Southern. According to the Emerging Global Cuisines: Culinary Trend Mapping Report from the Center for Culinary Development (CCD) and Packaged Facts immigration, international travel, cooking shows, and celebrity chefs plus its availability in fast food format are helping to bring these cuisines to the  U.S. public’s attention.  Full Story

Do you know anything about these culinary newcomers and can you ercommend dishes to try?  Here in NEO we’ve got Korean, Japanese, and some New American Southern. Sadly no Peruvain or Moroccan that I know about.  What’s your favorite ethnic cuisine and where do you go to get it?


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Mexican Goes Mainstream

“Mexican cuisine has become so mainstream in American food culture that it is hardly even considered ethnic anymore, says a new report. Now, Asian and Indian cuisine is driving the ethnic  tastes.”

    Read the rest of this interesting article on FoodNavigator, an online news service.


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Korean Food Revisted

Back in May when I launched this blog I wrote about the growing popularity of Korean food (The K Word).  An interesting article on    echoes my observations. (Always feels good to be right, doesn’t it?)

Reading the piece made me want to jump in the car and head to Ha Ahn in Golden Plaza on Superior at 30th. That’s not going to happen today.  Happily, I have a lunch meeting there in a couple of weeks.  Right now I have to prepare the talk I’m giving tonight from 7-8 PM at the Cuyahoga County Library in Brecksville.  It’s open to the public.   Since this up and coming Asian cuisine is on my mind, I think I’ll give a special shout out to bulgogi and kimchee in my presentation.

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The K Word

Americans have fallen in love with Asian cuisines, one at a time. First there was Chinese, which has become as familiar as burgers, next was Japanese now so Main Street that you can buy sushi at many grocery stores, and then there was Thai,. I’ve been seeing a lot of  buzz lately suggesting that Korean food is fast on it’s way to becoming the next object of our dining affections. Headlines like these are cropping up in all kinds of publications:


Korean Food, America‘s Next Favorite ‘Asian’ Grub?    (Korea Herald)


The New Hot Cuisine: Korean

Why its flavors are cropping up everywhere from haute cuisine to fast food  (Wall Street Journal)

 Is America ready for Korean food? 

(Asia News Net)


Korean Food Moving Into the Mainstream

(Food Channel)

On their latest list of the top fifty new restaurants in the country, Travel and Leisure included a place in Chicago called Urbanbelly that serves Korean street food.


The Korean government’s launched a well funded and ambitious initiative to make the country’s culinary stylings- called hansik- one of the top five ethnic cuisines in the world. An article about the plans to go global appeared in an April issue of The Korea Times.


Are you already a fan of kimchee, bulgogi, and buckwheat noodles in broth?  If you’re not familiar with the spicy pleasures of Korean fare, now’s the time to get acquainted. By my count, Cleveland currently has four Korean restaurants, plus two Japanese places that also offer some Korean specialties, and ten markets that sell Korean ingredients and packaged products. Find out if you agree that we’re ready as a nation to go steady with  Korean cuisine. 


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Savoring the Specifics

According to food industry analysts, an enthusiasm for ethnic flavors is influencing American consumer behavior. But according to the experts and their research, we’re getting more sophisticated and choosy. Just eating Asian, or even Chinese is not enough for some of us culinary explorers. We want to delve deeper into the unique and distinctive styles of specific countries and regional cuisines.
Cleveland is rich in opportunities to do exactly that. Here are a few from the book off the top of my head. Michaelangelo’s Italian menu features Piedmontese cuisine from the northern part of the country. The all vegetarian food at Udupi Café is what you’d find in a coastal town of the same name in southern India. Henry’s at the Barn specializes in the Low Country cooking of South Carolina and you can taste Taiwanese at Garden Café. At Luchita’s, a different regional Mexican cuisine is spotlighted every three months.
Anyone have any others to suggest or any dishes from the places above that you think are truly outstanding?

Read Free Sample Listings . . .


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Forking Up Some Fun

The economy and personal finances being what they are, many people have no big travel plans scheduled for this summer. The newest way to put a positive spin on the situation is to do a staycation instead. The idea is to enjoy yourself without straying too far from homem  exploring area attractions and taking advantage of local natural and cultural resources.
I hate to say I told you so—well, actually, honestly, I kind of enjoy saying it—but that’s exactly what I’ve been advocating since Cleveland Ethnic Eats was first published in 1995.  I’ve always wanted readers to see my book as a sort of culinary road map  showing you where to go for quick low cost food adventures that offer a taste of the world right here in our own community. 

Dinner at Empress Taytu Ethiopian Restaurant. Photo by Barney Taxel

Dinner at Empress Taytu Ethiopian Restaurant. Photo by Barney Taxel

More than ten years ago, a friend and early fan of the book, reported to me that he’d decided to visit every place listed.  He planned outings each week for himself and his wife. When a market was on the itinerary, he checked cookbooks out of the library, and went armed with recipes so he could purchase ingredients to make an authentic ethnic meal. He said the experience made them feel like international travelers, only it was cheaper and they got to sleep in their own bed every night. He couldn’t have given me a bigger, better compliment.
So if you find yourself with leisure time, try to do some ethnic eats exploring like my friend. Dip into the exotic and unfamiliar. Venture into neighborhoods different than your own. Talk to the people you meet there. I have no doubt you’ll come back with some great stories, and isn’t that part of what holidays are all about. Maybe you’ll even share some of them here.

Read Free Sample Listings . . .

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