Listing Update

Bovalino’s, a cozy little family-run Italian restaurant in Westlake is is succumbing to the twin forces of the ecomonic downturn and more competition in the area. It is closing at the end of April. When I called owner Lori Williams, who took over from her uncle Russ Lentini in 1997, to offer my condolences she said many locally owned small businesses like hers have been struggling since Crocker Park opened. “People don’t realize what happens when the big chains come into a community. And now with the recession, we’re hurting even more. ”

It’s been included in every edition of the book and was one of the first places I visited when I started doing my research so I’m especially sad to see it disappear. Try to go before the doors close forever on April 25th.

27828 Center Ridge Road, 440-892-9300.

Don’t forget to make a note in your copy of of Cleveland Ethnic Eats so you don’t show up hungry for a bowl of pasta in a few months only to find the restaurant empty and dark. And if you have a taste for ravioli or chicken Parmesan, get yourself out to one of the other great owner operated Italian restaurants in town.

What are your favorites?  



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13 responses to “Listing Update

  1. Wendy Bartlett

    You have to try Red Square! It opened last night; it’s right off the corner of Mayfield and Richmond. A group of friends and I stopped in last night, unaware it was their debut. The food is Aberjazani (sp??) and fabulous. Great tomato lamb soup, ditto on the borscht. Don’t miss the spinach feta pastry pierogis, and the sturgeon with pomegranate sauce was great. ENJOY!!

  2. Eva Janecek

    I live with a wienerschnitzel gourmand (his ancestors are from around Prague). We tested wienerschnitzel all over Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic and found that none of them beat Sutter’s in Newbury or Das Schnitzelhaus in Parma. Our cuts of meat are much superior. There is just no comparison to a nice,
    thin slice of tender veal or pork. Funny anecdote: two weeks we took our daughter and her husband for a schnitzel run at Das Schnitzelhaus. The waitress asked daughter Lizzie what kind of cabbage she would like. Lizzie was confused, so I explained that
    there is green and red cabbage. The waitress was appalled. She said,
    “We don’t serve anything green in this restaurant!”

  3. Ann Kinser

    My husband and I love sushi and tried Fuji Japan Steakhouse, a fairly new restaurant in Great Lakes Mall, Mentor. The presentation was creative and colorful, and the sushi/sashimi very fresh and delicious. An appetizer of crisp calamari also didn’t disappoint. The calamari was tender and warm with a slightly spicy dipping sauce. Dim red lights from window lanterns provided a warm atmosphere for leisurely dining. The wait staff was very attentive. They have hibachi dining as well, and their regular dining room menu has many offerings. We can’t wait to go back!

  4. Jessica Schreiber

    I hope you will notify your readers of the opening of an exciting new middle eastern grocery at University Corners Plaza (2187 South Taylor Rd. in University Heights). U.S. Jerusalem Imports Farmer’s Market offers imported goods from many Middle Eastern and European Countries and a full line of grocery items. The owner is Ibrahim Malkeih. I had a tour yesterday and was very impressed with the quality of the produce and entrepeneurial zest of these business owners. What a welcome addition to the east side. Definitely worth a follow-up!

    • Pauline Benjamim

      I have made several stops at U.S. Jerusalem Imports and have sampled the produce, meats, bulk spices, ethnic frozen foods and prepared foods…etc. The prices on meats and produce are very fair and the quality is excellent. Its a small market with everything. I can be in and out quickly after purchasing delicious food. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I intend to be a regular there.

  5. Stuart

    I heard that the full name of the restaurant is Antalya Red Square, and that the owner was formerly the head chef at Anatolia.

    (I was at Anatolia recently and didn’t think it was that good. Maybe it was better before their chef left.)

    • You are correct- the full name of the restaurant is Antalya Red Square and that’s the way I listed it in Cleveland Ethnic Eats/
      As to a judgement about which place has better food, Antalya Red Square or Anatolia, it’s pretty subjective. Personally I much prefer the food at Anatolia. But everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

  6. Stuart

    I have yet to eat at Antalya Red Square, and wasn’t comparing it to Anatolia.

    I was simply saying that I thought Anatolia wasn’t that good.

    If Antalya is worse, then I needn’t bother going there at all.

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