Savoring the Specifics

According to food industry analysts, an enthusiasm for ethnic flavors is influencing American consumer behavior. But according to the experts and their research, we’re getting more sophisticated and choosy. Just eating Asian, or even Chinese is not enough for some of us culinary explorers. We want to delve deeper into the unique and distinctive styles of specific countries and regional cuisines.
Cleveland is rich in opportunities to do exactly that. Here are a few from the book off the top of my head. Michaelangelo’s Italian menu features Piedmontese cuisine from the northern part of the country. The all vegetarian food at Udupi Café is what you’d find in a coastal town of the same name in southern India. Henry’s at the Barn specializes in the Low Country cooking of South Carolina and you can taste Taiwanese at Garden Café. At Luchita’s, a different regional Mexican cuisine is spotlighted every three months.
Anyone have any others to suggest or any dishes from the places above that you think are truly outstanding?

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2 responses to “Savoring the Specifics

  1. Tom

    An all-time favorite of mine is Wonton Gourmet on Payne Avenue near downtown. Cantonese and more specifically, Hong Kong-style dishes that are just amazing. Skip the Americanized dishes and go for what you see on the placards hanging on the wall. And don’t forget to get an order of the turnip cakes … paired up with just a touch of the chili oil on the table … heaven on a plate.

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