Book Lover

Read what Kevin Scheuring had to say on his blog  Spicehound Cooks (and Brews) about Cleveland Ethnic Eats and other books he considers Must Haves.  And be sure to check out the amazing array of spices he sells at the Coit Road Farmers Market.



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2 responses to “Book Lover

  1. it is always a joy to see the newest edition of ethnic eats. cleveland is a better place for it. when i met laura many years ago i felt a kindred spirit. she is our very own m.f.k. fisher.i love the new blog hope you might check mine out.
    spicehound is another gem we have working so hard to keep the coit rd. mkt. vibrant and vital. i will keep up now that i found the blog.

    • Thanks for such kind words and high praise Michael. but the truth is, I can only do what I do because people like you are committed to making wonderful, traditional food using time honored techniques and the finest ingredients. I just tell the stories. You and your bakery Lucy’s Sweet Surrender ARE the story. I hope you will come back here often to tell us about what you’re up to, the good things coming out of your oven., anything else you want to share. And I’ve added a link to your blog to my list of favorites. Hope you start posting there again regularly.

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