The K Word

Americans have fallen in love with Asian cuisines, one at a time. First there was Chinese, which has become as familiar as burgers, next was Japanese now so Main Street that you can buy sushi at many grocery stores, and then there was Thai,. I’ve been seeing a lot of  buzz lately suggesting that Korean food is fast on it’s way to becoming the next object of our dining affections. Headlines like these are cropping up in all kinds of publications:


Korean Food, America‘s Next Favorite ‘Asian’ Grub?    (Korea Herald)


The New Hot Cuisine: Korean

Why its flavors are cropping up everywhere from haute cuisine to fast food  (Wall Street Journal)

 Is America ready for Korean food? 

(Asia News Net)


Korean Food Moving Into the Mainstream

(Food Channel)

On their latest list of the top fifty new restaurants in the country, Travel and Leisure included a place in Chicago called Urbanbelly that serves Korean street food.


The Korean government’s launched a well funded and ambitious initiative to make the country’s culinary stylings- called hansik- one of the top five ethnic cuisines in the world. An article about the plans to go global appeared in an April issue of The Korea Times.


Are you already a fan of kimchee, bulgogi, and buckwheat noodles in broth?  If you’re not familiar with the spicy pleasures of Korean fare, now’s the time to get acquainted. By my count, Cleveland currently has four Korean restaurants, plus two Japanese places that also offer some Korean specialties, and ten markets that sell Korean ingredients and packaged products. Find out if you agree that we’re ready as a nation to go steady with  Korean cuisine. 



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