Restaurants Play Musical Chairs

Driving up Mayfield Road through Little Italy yesterday I noticed that a new restaurant has opened in the corner spot formerly occupied by Valerio’s (which moved up the street to what was once Battuto). It’s called Etna Ristorante.  Anyone tried it or know anything about it?

Speaking of changes, I just heard that Frankie’s Italian Cuisine on Detroit Road in Westlake has relocated to the old Bovalino’s building on Center Ridge Road. That was fast – I blogged about Bovalino’s closing  in April.



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2 responses to “Restaurants Play Musical Chairs

  1. jillsommer

    Thanks for the heads up. I’m really looking forward to trying Valerio’s in its new location. The old one seemed really small so I never tried it. I hear Valerio’s pizza is amazing.

    • valerio’s new location is somewhat bigger…but not much. however it is a lovely space. you’ll have to let me post a report after your visit. his pizzas are indeed amazing, but i’m not sure if he will be making them at the murray hill place. when i wrote about them for the book, the pizzas were only available at his Gelateria in Cleveland Heights.

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