Taxel and Tony visit the Sausage Shoppe

I had a meeting at the Zoo on Friday. The moment I scheduled it I knew I’d also be stopping at the Sausage Shoppe, nearby on Memphis Avenue. I adore Norm Heinle’s leberwurst and it’s been among my favorite sources for German style cured meats ever since I first visited back in the mid 90’s while working on the second edition of Cleveland Ethnic Eats. On my recent visit I got three bags worth of stuff.  Ate most of the liver pate, mettwurst, and slices of Sheffler ham that night accompanied by a  green salad, a couple of brat2crusty stick-thin Parisette loaves from Zoss the Swiss Baker and a really nice bottle of Pinot Noir (Mark West, 2007) on sale at Zagarra’s Marketplace in Cleveland Heights for the bargain price of $11.99. Cooked the white brats and garlic sausage on the grill last night. Heaven. 

Not sure yet what I want to do the piece of speck-double smoked bacon.  I almost forgot to buy some but was reminded when I ran into Paulius Nasvytis, proprieter of The Velvet Tango Room, recently named one of the 100 best places to enjoy a cocktail (and its sure to be the best cocktail you’ve ever had) in the country by Food and Wine. He was stocking up so he can offer Tango guests a little something to go with their libations-thin slices of the tasty pork belly on dark rye and serves with sweet and spicy mustard.

 You never know what local-or national celebrity- you’re going to run into at The Sausage Shoppe. Below is a clip from the day Tony Bourdain, star of the Travel Channel show No Reservations, visited while filming an all-Cleveland segment.


I was standing just out of camera range when it was filmed, and got to taste all the good stuff too!



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3 responses to “Taxel and Tony visit the Sausage Shoppe

  1. That was a great episode of No Reservations. I had no idea until I read your blog that you were at the Sausage Shoppe, too! Was that by coincidence or had they contacted you for assistance in putting the show together?

    • Michael Ruhlman put me in touch with show’s producer. I was able to arrange to interview him, made suggestions about where to go, and hang out with him and camera crew at a couple of places they visited. It was quite an experience.

      You can read what I wrote about it in Cleveland Magazine.
      By the way, I enjoyed the post on your blog Exploring Food My Way about Kiflis Bakery. I’ll have to get myself there to check it out.

  2. Last Sunday I made a favorite salad for lunch using the double smoked bacon in the dressing. I posted the recipe on our website

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