Take the Kids

I came upon an interesting article in The Miami Herald  about Common Threads , a group that promotes healthy eating and cultural diversity to kids through cooking.  By making-and enjoying- food from different countries the children are one step closer to seeing themselves as world citizens. I think that’s so important, and have always hoped my book would play a similar role. Eating out with me at ethnic places over the years of their growing up certainly developed an appreciation in my three sons for all kinds of unfamiliar foods, and by extension for the people and places the cuisines represented. So it made me really happy to see a recent post  (June 8th)  about Cleveland Ethnic Eats on the Cleveland Parents Network blog . 

If you want to try widening your family’s culinary horizons start with the family friendly restaurants listed in the Take the Kids section at the back of the book. Once you’ve got them interested in experimenting and exploring, consider letting each kid have a turn picking a place they’d like to visit from among the 225 restaurants and 30 distinctive kinds of cuisine. If your family has a favorite ethnic spot or you know of some that are suitable for younger diners please share the info in a comment here.


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