Wok On

I love to make- and eat- stir fries. But most home stoves are not well suited to wok cooking. The key to getting it right is very high heat. Electric stoves are pretty much useless in this regard and regular gas ones not much better.  But I found a gadget at Tink Holl, the pan-Asian market downtown on E. 36th Street off Payne that has really helped.  It’s a concave metal adapter that sort of cradles your wok, keeping it relatively stable, and bringing  it closer to the flame so the surface gets much hotter. To use, you simply remove the regular burner grate and replace with this one which fits most cooktops. 

This little miracle worker cost only $5.99. I made chicken and green beans in black bean sauce using this recently and the result was a testament to how well it works.


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