Read about a Hungarian bakery and cafe in Wooster called Tulipan at  Exploring Food My Way,  an always fascinating blog about one man’s quest for delicousness. Based on his description and photos it sounds-and looks- to be a charming spot to satisfy a craving for dobos torte and strudel.



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2 responses to “Discovery

  1. jacky bennett

    I just want to you to know that I was searching your website for Polish food but only found one entry. As a matter of fact there is a wonderful restaurant that we visited saturday called Babushka’s Kitchen. They are a small. but very large in flavor, polish restaurant. They were packed, with lines out the door the entire time we were there. I ordered a dinner called grandma Olga, it was 2 jumbo potato cheddar pierogi, scrumptious side dish of cabbage and noodles and chunky homemade cinnamon applesauce. It was very clear that everything was homemade. You really need to visit them. Also they have the best kolachky I haver ever tasted!! Thank you for your time. Jacky Bennett.

    • Thanks for checking in and sharing your experience. But I think you’re a little confused. This is my blog not a website where you can search for ethnic restaurant listings. That kind of information is in my book Cleveland Ethnic Eats and if you want to know about more places to find Polish food you should get it. I have visited Babushka’s Kitchen and it’s included, along with 43 other restaurants, markets, butchers and bakers that offer wonderful Eastern European foods.

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