Lights, Camera, Action

Just got back from filming a segment about Cleveland Ethnic Eats for Golden Opportunities, a show that airs at 11:30 Sundays on WKYC Channel 3. (Not sure when it will actually air). Host Armond Budish and I chatted about the book, but what we really wanted to be doing was diving into the platters of food that were spread on the counter in front of us. Chef Michael Annnandono of Michaelangelo’s sent down a sampling of some of the cured meats, chesse, olives, and grilled vegetables that regularly show up on his antipasti cart. There were two big trays from Aladdin’s Baking Company on Carnegie: filled with miniature meat and spinach pies, hummus, stuffed grape leaves, tabouleh, and baba ganoush. Baker Michael Feigenbaum of Lucy’s Sweet Surrender on Buckeye had put together a selection of his European specialties including bite size strudel squares and cream cheese pastries.

The smell of all this good stuff was tough to resist, and once we were done taping, I noticed some of the crew eyeing the feast longingly as they swept it off the set to make way for the next guest. I left (but not without popping a few bites into my mouth on the way out the door)  but I’m guessing that later in the afternoon, some people enjoyed quite a lunch.  

Heading home, I stopped at the top of Cedar Hill to get fresh bread for Saturday and Sunday morning from Zoss the Swiss Baker. They still had some of my favorite seeded rolls left, so I bought a dozen (they freeze well and taste great when I sprinkle a little water on top and reheat in the oven) plus brioche and croissant.

All in all, a good day because I got to spend so much of it thinking about ethnic eats!


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  1. Joseph LaGrassa

    In your next book consider two of my favorites:

    Little Budapest on Center Ridge Road

    Roma Cafe, 130th Lorain

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