Filled and Filling

Had dinner last night at Anatolia Cafe, the Turkish restaurant in Cleveland Heights. A satisfying treat as always. When my companion and I had just about licked our plates clean it dawned on me that  our meal had a theme. Everything we’d eaten was rolled or stuffed. There were grape leaves, folded around rice, pine nuts, and currents;  crispy sigara borek- a warm savory cousin of the cannoli filled with parsley-flecked feta; my roasted eggplant stuffed with ground beef and tomoatoes; her cabbage rolls with garlic yogurt sauce. 

Wrapping, rolling and stuffing is a way of preparing food that shows up in so many different cuisines.  Anybody want to throw out your faves or suggest places to try something interesting?



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2 responses to “Filled and Filling

  1. Joseph Williams

    Quisquella La Bella Restaurante is a very good Dominican Restaurante. The address is: 4616 Clark Avenue, in Cleveland. 216-799-8436
    Please let me know what you think when you go. I’ve been there about half a dozen times, always with some of my Puerto Rican students. They swear by it.

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