Put a Little Polish on Your Plate

A coupl of weeks ago, there was a comment posted here about Polish food and where to find some. That’s prompted me to tell you about one of my shopping trips to Seven Roses, a Polish deli and market on Fleet Avenue in Slavic Village (page 154 in Cleveland Ethnic Eats).  seven_roses_5720_sm

 I go there because I like stocking my pantry, fridge, and freezer with Eastern Eurpopean flavor and  because I can get a lot without spending a lot. Here’s what I brought home this time:

-a jar of Polish style mustard with horseradish

-jar or sauerkraut

-1 lb smoked Swiss Cheese

-4 lbs. garlic kielbasa

-a loaf of fresh bread

-a cherry babka (coffee cake)

-2 liter bottles of imported mineral water

Total bill for all this: $48.08. 

seven_roses_5721_sm Besides great value, this is such a pleasant space to be with the lace curtains at the window, wooden shelves and pressed tin ceiling. It’s like stepping out of time and place, to suddenly finding yourself in a 19th centuryEuropean shop.  Going to the supermarket just can’t compare.

Photos courtesy Photos of Barney Taxel         

I’ve heard that a Seven Roses outpost opened this spring in the basement of an office park in Beachwood. This location- 23230 Chagrin Blvd, Building 2, focuses on their prepared foods-soup, sandwiches, potatoatoe pancakes, cabbage and noodles- rather than packaged products and ingredients. I haven’t been yet so I’m not sure if it’s a sit down restaurant or just for take-out.


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  1. love this place another example of what we could have all over this town with some guts and work ethic

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