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Get Your Samba On

Another great party scheduled for this Saturday night at Sarava in Shaker Square. The theme is world music and street food and everybody’s invited.  Based on  my own personal experience with the festivities here, no matter what mood you’re in at the start of the night, you’ll likely leave smiling, with a whole new outlook on life. The spirit lifting vibe is practically guaranteed.   

No reservations required. Just a $10 cover. Plate filling begins at 7 PM, foot tapping, shoulder rolling, hip shaking beats start at 8 PM.

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Korean Food Revisted

Back in May when I launched this blog I wrote about the growing popularity of Korean food (The K Word).  An interesting article on    echoes my observations. (Always feels good to be right, doesn’t it?)

Reading the piece made me want to jump in the car and head to Ha Ahn in Golden Plaza on Superior at 30th. That’s not going to happen today.  Happily, I have a lunch meeting there in a couple of weeks.  Right now I have to prepare the talk I’m giving tonight from 7-8 PM at the Cuyahoga County Library in Brecksville.  It’s open to the public.   Since this up and coming Asian cuisine is on my mind, I think I’ll give a special shout out to bulgogi and kimchee in my presentation.

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Pushing the Dessert Envelope

I like gelato. No, to be accurate, I love gelato.  I first tasted it as a teenager when my family lived in Europe. One summer we traveled through Italy and this cold creamy stuff stole my heart. Now decades later I’m able to indulge in the real thing right here in Cleveland, ordering my scoops at La Gelateria and Presti’s .   I tend to favor traditional flavors: of pistachio, hazelnut, cappuccino, and chocolate.

But I’m willing to experiment on occasion with more inventive stuff…up to a point.  Just read in Urban Daddy, and electronic entertainment newsletter I subscribe to, about a Boston restaurant, Da Vinci’s, offering lobster gelato. I can’t get my head around it. The shellfish meat is ground up, combined with milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla, machined into a dense silky and of course cold solid. To further challenge any set notions of what ingredients are good for dessert, the chef sauces his confection with a topping made from lobster broth, honey, mango, and butter. Not sure my curiosity would be enough to get me to order it, even if I had the chance especially since a half order is $13. But if anyone reading this has ever tried it or any similar crazy flavors, I want a full report.


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oktoberfestIf beer and brats sound appealing and you have a soft spot for dirndls and lederhosen, come to the 2009 Cleveland Labor Day Oktoberfest , September 4-7 at the Cuyahoga County fairgrounds in Berea. Among the many Deutscher things to see and do are a VW show, the famed Weiner Dog races,  and a chance to watch participants compete in the Bavarian sport of Masskrugstemmen- not a drinking game, this is an endurance contest that requires the lifting and holding of filled steins.

But all is not German at this eating and entertainment extravaganza. There’s a taiko drumming ensemble, sand sculpture, marionettes, and dozens of traditional ethnic dance and music groups representing cultures from around the world including a beautiful blonde who blows the Swiss 11’7″ Alphorn.   I’ll be there on Saturday, September 5, from 2-4 PM in the William F. Miller International Pavilion signing copies of Cleveland Ethnic Eats and chatting with folks about where to find good food in northeast Ohio. Of course there will be no shortage of  excellent brews and great stuff to dine on at the festival. Some of it is provided by places listed in the book- Seven Roses, Chef’s Choice Meats, and Der Braumeister.  I’m hungry and thirsty just thinking about it.

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