oktoberfestIf beer and brats sound appealing and you have a soft spot for dirndls and lederhosen, come to the 2009 Cleveland Labor Day Oktoberfest , September 4-7 at the Cuyahoga County fairgrounds in Berea. Among the many Deutscher things to see and do are a VW show, the famed Weiner Dog races,  and a chance to watch participants compete in the Bavarian sport of Masskrugstemmen- not a drinking game, this is an endurance contest that requires the lifting and holding of filled steins.

But all is not German at this eating and entertainment extravaganza. There’s a taiko drumming ensemble, sand sculpture, marionettes, and dozens of traditional ethnic dance and music groups representing cultures from around the world including a beautiful blonde who blows the Swiss 11’7″ Alphorn.   I’ll be there on Saturday, September 5, from 2-4 PM in the William F. Miller International Pavilion signing copies of Cleveland Ethnic Eats and chatting with folks about where to find good food in northeast Ohio. Of course there will be no shortage of  excellent brews and great stuff to dine on at the festival. Some of it is provided by places listed in the book- Seven Roses, Chef’s Choice Meats, and Der Braumeister.  I’m hungry and thirsty just thinking about it.


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