The Nighttown Academy of Poetry & Letters is a purely fictional invention of two award-winning Cleveland Heights residents: local Irish actress Derdriu Ring and her good friend, Regina Brett, Plain Dealer columnist.  Less Harvard or Hogwarts and more James Joyce meets Monty Python, this not-so venerable faux institution is a fundraiser at Nighttown on the top of Cedar Hill in Cleveland Heights, Sunday Oct 4, benefiting the Friends of the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library.

And I’m happy to say I’ll be part of the fun.

The event, called Wise Up !!, featurea a local cast comprised of celebrities, literary greats and friends of the arts, each of whom will read and bring to life a short poem or piece of prose, interspersed with musical numbers with literary themes. 

The all-star cast for Wise Up !!  includes Afi-Odelia Scruggs, Barbara Bisantz Raymond, Brendan Ring, Carlo Wolff, Carolyn Jack, Dan Chaon, David Giffels, Debra Adams Simmons, Dee Perry, Derdriu Ring, Derf, Dick Feagler, Ed Kelly, Gail Bellamy, George Bilgere, Hector Vega, Joan Southgate, Judith Mansour, Karen Long, Karen Sandstrom, Kathleen Cerveny, Kathleen Fairweather, Kevin McGinty, Kris Ohlson, Laura Taxel, Les Roberts, Loren Weiss, Mansfield Frazier, Margaret Bernstein, Mark Dawidziak, Mary Doria Russell, Mary Weems, Meredith Holmes, Michael Heaton, Michael Ruhlman, Mike McIntyre, Nancy Levin, Natalia Rodas, Peggy Spaeth, Peter Lawson Jones, Philip Morris, Regina Brett, Ron Wilson, Sarah May, Scott Lax, Steve Presser, Stuart Warner, Tony Brown and Thrity Umrigar.  

There will be two separate shows, each featuring half the cast, at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.,
with a separate $20 per person admission charge for each 90-minute show.

{I’m reading in the 5 o’clock line-up}

To make reservations,[HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] call Nighttown at 216-795-0550

 Come eat, drink, listen, and help us support our library!


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