Le Lunch

Wonderful, wonderful lunch this week at L’Albatros, the French brasserie in Univeristy Circle.  Sat beside the glowing fireplace, gazing out the big windows at the wind whipped garden, dotted with yellow leaves. I was snug, warm, and happily sipping on a glass of  good 2005 Cotes du Rhone from Etienne Guigal.  Shared a veal and pork pate with my dining companion. The terrine’ wa served with mustrady pickled onions and oversized capers- all together they make for a perfect mouthful. Then I had roasted cod with toasted garlic spatzle and creme fraiche. Excellent, and just the right amount- the portion left me full, not stuffed.  Two leisurely and plesant hours went by and I hardly noticed. We talked business- because  this was a business meeting- but mostly we appreciated the fine food in front of us, the pleasure of each other’s company,  and time-out from work day demands. This, I thought to myself, is how life should be lived.


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