Just started a Facebook page for Cleveland Ethnic Eats. Hope all my blog followers will become fans and do some sharing there.  Come on, show your enthusiam. If you like the book, let everyone know.  Thanks



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2 responses to “Facebook

  1. Barb

    When will Cleveland Ethnic Eats be a wonderful, searchable website?

    • The thing about online information is that it’s generally available for free and that’s what people expect. But royalties from the sale of the book are a part of how I earn a living so I can’t just give the contents of Cleveland Ethnic Eats away on a website. And I think I’ve organized the print information to function exactly like a searchable website: you can look for great places to eat and shop in so many different ways using the the inedexes: find what you want alphabetically, by ethnicity, geographic location, and all sorts of other specialized criteria such as “Great Choices for Vegetarians,” “Take the Kids” and restaurants with outisde seating.
      Thanks for your interest in Cleveland Ethnic Eats.

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