Laura’s List

I went to Athen’s Pastry on Lorain Saturday to stock up on some Mediterranean staples. It was another great shopping trip: brought home good things to eat, at much less than grocery stores prices for the same or similar products, and sourced a few items I can’t get anywhere else. Here’s the List:

1 liter (33.8 oz) Canola Oil                                                      $3.59

3 liters Extra Virgin Kalamata Olive Oil                            25.99

1 lb almonds                                                                                  5.66

1 lb dried apricots                                                                       4.49

14 oz dried figs                                                                            3.99

 1/2 lb Kefalotiri cheese                                                          4.98

1 lb French feta                                                                           6.75

1 lb Kalamata olives                                                                  3.99

4 heat-n-eat spanakopita pies                                               7.00

2 bottles Mark David white wine, a blend of  Chardonnay,                                              Semillion, Sauvignon Blanc                                                  20.38


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