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Goodbye Chandler and Rudd

Sad news that specialty grocer Chandler and Rudd on Chagrin Boulevard closed earlier this month. The market has been included in  a decade’s worth of editions of Cleveland Ethnic Eats, but it’s much much older than that, with a history that goes back 145 years.  I used to buy cookies and candies from England there as gifts for a Brit-born friend, and loved all the products from Germany,Italy, and France because they were things I ate when living in Europe as a teenager. A fascinating article by reporter Janet Cho in Sunday’s Plain Dealer charts the rise and fall of this culinary landmark.

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Greenhouse Goes Gallic


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Thai in Akron

I want to share this email that came to me yesterday.

“Last night we went to a new restaurant in downtown Akron, Cilantro
Thai and Sushi Restaurant.  It is wonderful!  The food was great – 4
of us shared a sushi/shashimi “boat.”  As good to us as the area’s
best.  We finished the entire boat.  Very friendly and helpful staff.
Very comfortable restaurant. 

Also, I am severly salt restricted, so Asian restaurants pose real
challenges.  They were extraordinarily helpful.  They not only
suggested meals that they could make without salt, soy sauce, etc.,
but were actually willing to create curries to order that were
without most salt.   They were even willing to use ultra-low sodium
soy sauce or hot sauce that I could bring.  As accomodating as any
restaurant I’ve found.  We chose to go with the sushi/shashimi this
time, but we’ll be back to try more from their menu.
You can learn more about them at

The sender gave me permission to post his message here. I encouraged him to share more of his restaurant finds on this blog.  Hope other will do the same.

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Mexican Goes Mainstream

“Mexican cuisine has become so mainstream in American food culture that it is hardly even considered ethnic anymore, says a new report. Now, Asian and Indian cuisine is driving the ethnic  tastes.”

    Read the rest of this interesting article on FoodNavigator, an online news service.


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