Goodbye Chandler and Rudd

Sad news that specialty grocer Chandler and Rudd on Chagrin Boulevard closed earlier this month. The market has been included in  a decade’s worth of editions of Cleveland Ethnic Eats, but it’s much much older than that, with a history that goes back 145 years.  I used to buy cookies and candies from England there as gifts for a Brit-born friend, and loved all the products from Germany,Italy, and France because they were things I ate when living in Europe as a teenager. A fascinating article by reporter Janet Cho in Sunday’s Plain Dealer charts the rise and fall of this culinary landmark.


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  1. it is a further example of both the free market and consumer choice.every food service sector has seen this migration away from small de-centralized sources with most consumers choosing large one stop stores, convenience stores, supplied through large manufacturers and distributors. farm production through consumption is a huge business and the little guy is totally lost in the game. people like yourself,Laura, who hold to the conscious decision to shop local, shop farm direct markets,seek out the independent business are my only consistent customers. they are becoming more rare to find. some local business long gone like Chandler and Rudd come to mind that had started small grew to a regional level then poof; new york bakery and hough bakery they had dozens of stores, on buckeye there were a dozen bakeries all unique and special now there is one. the solution is simple and unobtainable. the solution is in the hands of all of the consumers out there to choose until the choices get so few that will be our choice by default.

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