Nuts about Nusstorte

I’ve just discovered the most fantastic dessert.  The official name is Engadiner Nusstorte. But at Zoss The Swiss Baker (12397 Cedar Road), the only place to get it in the Cleveland area, this excellent cake has been rechristened St. Moritz Nut Torte, a handle with more style that’s much easier for Americans to say.   

                                             Essentially it’s a caramelized walnut pie, similar to pecan pie but much much better and without the cloying  over the top sugariness of corn syrup. A traditional creation from the southeastern part of Switzerland, the torte features a rich, buttery double crust with a cookie taste and texture. The filling is made with cream, walnuts, honey and sugar, a sweet but not too sweet combination that’s velvety smooth like frosting except for the nut chunks. The finished product is dense and a small slice is more than satisfying, so a little goes a long way. Delicious on it’s own and picture pretty, the torte is especially nice with a dollop of real whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

What’s especially amazing about this cake is how well it keeps. I had a piece cut from one made weeks earlier and would never have known that it wasn’t freshly baked. This makes it ideal for gift giving and shipping.  Also good to have on hand for serving unexpected company or  bringing to a holiday gathering.   

Kurt and Barbara Zoss only make this labor intensive preparation during the holiday season, and cakes must be special ordered. Call 2160368-4055 to make sure there’s one for your table, and one- or more- for some lucky people on your list.



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3 responses to “Nuts about Nusstorte

  1. Al Anderson

    Four time book owner, just got the 2009. You need to add the Diners, Druive-ins, and Dives – Guy Fieri, Food Network Choices for Cleveland.

    Italian – Geraci’s, 2266 Warrensville Center Rd.

    Mexican – Mocho Mod Mex, 1835 Fulton – Famed for its Guacomole!

    Lucky’s Cafe =- 777 Starkweather – American & Breakfast!
    Sterle’s. Melt Bar & Grilled, Parkview Nt. Club.

  2. Our son was a Hyde Park, NY, Culinary Institute graduate, we have been to many 5 Star restaurants, live in SW Ohio – Troy, but have a place in Huron, OH weekends – summer. Love your book – need to Aladdin’s in Amherst OH and Kiedrowski’s Polish Bakery, same shopping center. We like Lucky’s – pricey and Mocho Mod Mex. They and Geraci’s should be in next edition!

    • Thanks for both your comments and your enthusiasm for my book. I too like Lucky’s and most of the other spots you mention but they don’t fit the criteria for inclusion in Cleveland Ethnic Eats. The only one that does is Frank Sterle’s- and its been in there since the very first edition published in 1995. Check out page 144 of your new copy.

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