Emerging Ethnic Cuisines

Trend watchers say next up in the ethnic fare popularity contest are Peruvian, Moroccan, Korean, Japanese and New American Southern. According to the Emerging Global Cuisines: Culinary Trend Mapping Report from the Center for Culinary Development (CCD) and Packaged Facts immigration, international travel, cooking shows, and celebrity chefs plus its availability in fast food format are helping to bring these cuisines to the  U.S. public’s attention.  Full Story

Do you know anything about these culinary newcomers and can you ercommend dishes to try?  Here in NEO we’ve got Korean, Japanese, and some New American Southern. Sadly no Peruvain or Moroccan that I know about.  What’s your favorite ethnic cuisine and where do you go to get it?



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13 responses to “Emerging Ethnic Cuisines

  1. Eve

    Isn’t there a new Moroccan based restaurant at Shaker Square– Darna

    • You’re right, there is. I completely forget about Darna. Thanks for reminding me. I couldn’t get the place in the latest edition of the book because it still had not opened when I finished the updates. Have you eaten there? What do you think?

  2. Darna is wonderful. Almost everything I’ve had there has been very tasty. I had a perfectly cooked, nicely seasoned, very flavorful salmon dish on my last visit.

    • good to know. i went once, right after it opened and wasn’t thrilled. i will make a point to eat there soon. my problem is that there are so many restaurants i really like on and near the Square.

  3. Eric Kisch

    Let me add to the praises of Darna, at which my wife and I (and various friends) have had several excellent meals. The Moroccan salad is excellent and unusual – the magic ingredient is the preserved lemons (home made by chef Bennie) which adds a mysterious flavor to the proceedings. I haven’t had a bad meal there and many memorable ones, including a veal dish that was outstanding. His flavor combinations go well beyond the usual. We look forward to going to eat there and introducing this cuisine (which also has added Israeli touches) to our friends. And their lunch menu surely provides some of the most flavorable food anywhere at very reasonable prices. A real find for Cleveland.

  4. It’s sad that Macchu Picchu isn’t around any more. I would love to get Peruvian food beyond the few dishes we know how to make ourselves.

    If you find Peruvian I’ll go test it with you!

    • Emily

      I’m upset that I just learned of the Peruvian restaurant Machu Picchu that has since closed. I just got back from a two week trip in Cusco, Peru and of course fell in love with the food!! I’m eager to find a Peruvian restaurant in the Cleveland area. If anyone knows of any please let me know!

      • As far as I know, there isn’t a single restaurant serving Peruvian food in this area.

      • Jap

        Just to let you all know
        There is going to be a Peruvian gourmet dinner at the Cleveland Skating Club, June 4th 2011, seating starting at 6:30pm. Call CSC at 216-791-2800 for information and reservations. Limited seating.

      • thanks for posting this. who’s doing the cooking and what’s the occaision?

  5. Jap

    The chef for this event is Miguel Samanez. He is from Peru and studied at the Cordon Bleu in San Francsico and has worked for one of
    the most important chefs in the world, specializing in Peruvian Cuisine.
    Occaision, have a great time and showcase Peruvian Cuisine in Cleveland.

  6. Appreciate the extra deatils. I have reposted all the info on the Cleveland Ethnic Eats facebook page

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