Year of the Tiger

The husband and I  went to Sun Luck Garden in Cleveland Heights last night for Annie Chu’s special Chinese New Years menu.  She always prepares special, not-to-be missed dishes. We had a a lavish meal that began with delicate wintermelon soup, turnips cakes laced with bits of Chinese sausage and shiitake mushrooms,  and curried beef puffs.  I chose what she called a pinwheel stir fry for my entree- a melange of lotus root slices, chicken and fresh vegetables stir fried in a gingery sauce. BT had her Peking Duck wrap- a preparation similar to Moo Shoo park, that features shredded duck and julienned vegetables inside a soft warm pancake.  More than satisfied but unable to resist her incredible desserts, we shared a square of mango bread pudding with caramel sauce.

Among the things we didn’t try- but we wish we could- are steamed Longevity Buns, Lion Head- a combination of chicken, turkey and napa cabbage, fired milk, and lychee sorbet. The Year of the Tiger menu will be offered just two more evenings, Tuesday and Wednesday, February 23 and 24. Unfortunately I have other obligations and won’t be able to get there. But I encourage all who read this not to miss out. And if my opinion isn’t enough, consider this; the first people I saw when I walked in were Sergio Abramof and his wife Susan, owners of Sergio’s and Sarava , and later in the evening Zach Bruell, the man behind Parallax, Table 45, L’Albatros, and Chinato (surprised the guy even has time to eat) stopped by our table to say hello. What better endorsement for a restaurant  than the fact that two of the best local chefs are customers?


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