Sadly, as I’ve been driving around town, I’ve noticed some restaurant  and store closures. Grab your copy of Cleveland Ethnic Eats and add the following notes so you won’t end up heading out to a place that is long gone.

Closed: Tom’s Seafood; Rachel’s Caribbean Cuisine; Antalya Red Square; Maria’s (on Detroit); Hana Asian Food.

If you know of any other spots in the book that have shut their doors or moved, please post the information here.



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4 responses to “Updates

  1. Terry E. Miller

    Relative to Seoul Garden in the Falls, your essay says there are no fish dishes. We noted that there is a back page to the menu with a lot of fish dishes plus a few other things.

    We agree that it is quite Korean. All the customers but 1 (and us) were Korean. TM

  2. Hello Everyone,
    My name is Jackie (male) and I’m looking for dinner buddies of 4 (max) to try all of these foods once-a-week (Wed). I’m not looking for a girlfriend but like-mind people that interested in tasting different cuisines. My email address is — yomamamsg@yahoo.com so let me know.

    • I met Jackie at a book talk sponsored by the Friends of the Middleburg Heights branch on the Cuyahoga County Library. When he told me he’d like to connect with others interested in visiting the places listed in Cleveland Ethnic Eats, I suggested he post here.

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