Hot Pots are Hot Trend

An article about Asian Hot Pots in yesterday’s Chicago Tribune.  Versions of the brothy brew heavy on noodles, vegetables and proteins are served at Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese restaurants.  The dish is on many local menus. Where do you go for a bowl of this traditional comfort food?



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7 responses to “Hot Pots are Hot Trend

  1. Well, I’m not in Cleveland but it doesn’t get better than a hot bowl of Pho to warm me up on a cold day!! There are several delicious Vietnamese restaurants in Victoria, B.C. Canada!

  2. Lambo

    Chinese Hot Pot was available at Tom’s Seafood Restaurant downtown. You can also get it if you ask for it in certain places, as it is off menu (ie. siam cafe/wonton gourmet)

  3. Jennifer

    Seoul Restaurant in Parma!

    • Don’t know this place. Is it new? Tell me about it please.

      • Jennifer

        This place is fantastic! Family owned, small hole-in-the-wall, amazing Korean food. Best hot pots in Cleveland, hands down. The outside looks like it’s a closed doctor’s office or something, but the inside is nice and the staff are friendly. Here’s their info:
        5270 Pearl Road
        Cleveland, OH 44129-1505
        (216) 661-5990

      • Good to know. I will definitely visit. But in fact, it turns out I’ve already been there- sort of. A restaurant called Asia Cuisine was listed in the 7th edition of Cleveland Ethnic Eats…same address, even the same phone number, and the menu was mostly Korean (with some Chinese dishes). It was closed when I was gathering info for the current edition. Your description made me realize it must be new owners in the old location. Looking forward to get a taste of what they are doing. Thanks again for sharing.

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