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Eat Healthy and Ethnic

Interesting report from CNN 

The 10 healthiest ethnic cuisines

Which ethnic cuisine do you think of as a healthy alternative to burgers and fries? Where do you fo to get it and what dishes do you order when you want to do your body a good turn?


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Learn Latin Cooking

Just discovered a great resource for getting an education in the cuisines of Latin America and how to prepare classic dishes. Check this out

Discover Latin American Cuisine Online
Explore the best of Latin American culture and cooking, no matter where you are. Visit the CIA’s Web pages devoted to the passion and discovery of Latin cuisine. Brought to you by the Center for Foods of the Americas, this exciting resource features informational videos and authentic recipes from Mexico, Brazil, and Peru. Log on now to discover the diversity of Latin America’s regional cuisines.

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Which Q are U?

According to a story in today’s Nation’s Restaurant News the flavors of ethnic bbq are a top summer trend . When it comes to pork and chicken the survey showed that chefs and consumers like the kick and spice of Latin, Caribbean, and Asian cuisines.

So what I want to know is which country makes your favorite version of bbq, what is your “can’t live without it” dish, and where do you go to get it?


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