Which Q are U?

According to a story in today’s Nation’s Restaurant News the flavors of ethnic bbq are a top summer trend . When it comes to pork and chicken the survey showed that chefs and consumers like the kick and spice of Latin, Caribbean, and Asian cuisines.

So what I want to know is which country makes your favorite version of bbq, what is your “can’t live without it” dish, and where do you go to get it?



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3 responses to “Which Q are U?

  1. we love to make rub of fresh garlic, black pepper, kosher salt, fermented black beans, Worcester sauce for pork chops. i grill on lava rocks and fruit tree sticks. i use my propane grill on the pre-heat setting, very hot and high flame to sear & mark the meat on both sides, then i turn it down to low move the chops to the upper shelf to smoke them and slow down the cooking to finish. takes @ 8-10 min. total but they are succulent and well done enough for my better half who likes well done meat, rest them 5 min. then eat. grilled corn and veggies on the side.

  2. Stuart

    I like stuffed flank steak. It’s called matambre and my next door neighbor is from Argentina, so I just walk over there for it. 🙂

    I have also grilled steaks with chimichurri sauce. (There are lots of recipes for this on the web.) Grilled provolone cheese with chimichurri is good too, and is very simple to make.

    I haven’t been to it, but Brasa would be a good place to experience Brazilian grilled food. I’ve been to other Churrascaria’s and they were excellent.

    Or how about bulgogi? It’s a very popular BBQ beef dish from Korea. I think Seoul Restaurant on Pearl Rd is amongst the best Korean restaurants around. They have other grilled dishes too, and there are even some that you cook yourself at your table.

    Does bratwurst count as ethnic BBQ? The Sausage Shoppe fires up a grill and cooks their brats and hot dogs outside during the summer. Or you could take home some of their other sausage and meat products and grill them yourself.

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