Eat Healthy and Ethnic

Interesting report from CNN 

The 10 healthiest ethnic cuisines

Which ethnic cuisine do you think of as a healthy alternative to burgers and fries? Where do you fo to get it and what dishes do you order when you want to do your body a good turn?


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4 responses to “Eat Healthy and Ethnic

  1. Wynne Allen

    Two places on the east side that you need to try and include in your book are Chili Peppers and Scotti’s both on East 185. Also if you haven’t tried the Beach Club Bistro on Lake Shore Blvd, that is awesome as well.

  2. Stuart

    I feel that Japanese cuisine can be very healthy, although most Japanese restaurants in the area concentrate on more Americanized dishes that are not as good for you.

    Shuhei on Chagrin is perhaps the best of the bunch in terms of quality. With a bit of care you can get a very healthy meal there.

    A bit of sushi or sashimi to start, hijiki salad and some edamame, and follow it up with a noodle dish (udon or soba) or maybe a hot pot. You could add in a house salad if you’d like.

    I think that most of the Asian cuisines tend to be more healthy than the typical American diet. The difficulty is finding a restaurant locally that doesn’t tailor their dishes towards the American palate. If nothing else, they tend to make the dishes with much more meat than is authentic.

    There are a number of Vietnamese, Cambodian, Thai, and Korean restaurants that have dishes that are healthy. You can find healthy dishes at some Chinese restaurants too, especially if you ask for their “secret” menu.

    Another very good choice would be Udupi Cafe on Olde York Rd. They offer vegetarian Indian food in the Southern style. Some of the dishes do have cheese in them, so just don’t eat too much of those and you will wind up with a healthy meal.

    I also like Aladdin’s Eatery very much. They have a lot of healthy things to choose from on their menu, and I’ve always found the quality to be excellent. Their food is Middle Eastern, and I believe it’s mostly Lebanese-style. Taza in Woodmere is owned by the same people.

    The only problem with Aladdin’s for many people is that they offer a wide selection of their own delicious pastries, pies, and cakes.

    Be brave! Walk out past that piece of cheesecake and don’t listen to it when it calls to you!

  3. Agree with all your comments. And I love Udupi!

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