Beyond Pad Thai

CNN reports on the growing popularity of real Thai food among Americans.

Are you a fan of authentic Thai cuisine? What’s your favoite spot to enjoy it in northeast Ohio?



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4 responses to “Beyond Pad Thai

  1. Stuart

    My favorite Thai restaurant in the Cleveland area is Charm Thai on Broadview Rd. in Parma.

    I also like Ty Fun Bistro in Tremont and Sweet Mango in Strongsville.

    • Stuart

      I guess I should have read the linked article first.

      I’m not sure that any of the places I mentioned are really “authentic” in the way that the article means it.

      I’ve been assured by various people that Charm Thai and Ty Fun do offer some authentic dishes, but they’re still pretty mainstream. I guess now I have to check and see if they have “secret” menus?

  2. Let me know what you find out.

    • Stuart

      I’ve checked at several local Thai restaurants and no luck so far. One told me that the owner and cooks aren’t even Thai.

      Two restaurants I really like that do have “secret” menus are Hunan East and Hunan Solon.

      Hunan East has a “Chinese” menu that has pictures of various dishes and the ones I’ve tried were really good. There also seem to be things that aren’t on the menu at all, because I’ve tried asking the servers “what is that dish that the people over there are having,” and holding up the “Chinese” menu and they shake their heads and say “No.”

      The chef is evidently from Shanghai, so they offer some dishes that can’t be found at any other Chinese restaurant in the area.

      Hunan Solon is actually my favorite Chinese restaurant in NE Ohio. They have an “Authentic” menu available on their web site, or you can ask for it at the restaurant. I almost always order some items from it, although you can’t go wrong with any of the other dishes they make either.

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