Bad Blogger

I have been a bad, bad blogger.  I’ve broken the rules by failing to post with regularity and let my friends and followers down. All the usual excuses apply- holiday craziness, too busy,too tired, too whatever, hey I have a life, and dog ate my homework- but who cares. Bloggers are supposed to blog. Often. And consistently.  I didn’t. And I’m sorry.

But I’m back, vowing to try harder and do better. To kick things off for 2011 I’ve decided to do a round-up (as the media often does at this time of year) of the Cleveland Ethnic Eats listings we lost, the new spots that have opened, and a few old restaurants and markets that have relocated to new homes.

CLOSED: Tom’s Seafood; Hana Asian Food, Antalya Red Square; Baricelli Cheese Company; Buetner’s Bakery; Maria’s; Gertrude Bakery; Rachel’s Caribbean; Chefs Choice Meats; Chandler and Rudd; Aoeshi Cafe; Mint Cafe (reopening under new management…maybe new name, but same Coventry Road corner)

MOVED: Athens Food and Pastries is now at 5120 Pearl Road; Lancer Steakhouse has moved across the street  from the original location to 7804 Carnegie Avenue; and Angie’s Soul Food Cafe is at 3859 Superior in the former Town Fryer. After a hiatus Niko’s, the Greek restaurant in Lakewood is back in business at 15625 Detroit Road. Asia Food Market on St. Clair is gone but the same family opened an even bigger supermarket in Asia Town Center, 3820 Superior Avenue 

OPENED: New Ethnic Restaurants (in no particular order) 

Istanbul Turkish Grill, 2505 Professor, Tremont, 216298-4450

Dervish Mediterranean and Turkish Grill, 35840 Chester Road, Avon, 440-937-0733

Mia Bella, 12200 Mayfield Road in Little Italy, 216-795-2355

Mulino Pastry, 25092 Center Ridge Road, Westlake, 440-835-2555 

Banana Blossom Thai Cuisine, 2800 Clinton Avenue, Cleveland, 216-696-5529

Indian Flame Restaurant, 11623 Euclid Avenue, University Circle, 216-791-5555

Park to Shop Asia Market, 1580 E. 30th Street, Cleveland, 216-781-3388

Middle East Grill, 20126 Chagrin Blvd, Shaker Heights, 216-752-7500

Maha’s Cafe (a sit down version of the felafel stand at the West Side Market), 3323 W. 25th Street, 216-741-9810

Frank’s Falafel House, 1823 W. 65th, Cleveland, 216-631-3300

Le Oui Oui Crepe Cafe and Luchita’s Express, both in a sort of Food Court at 11309 Euclid Avenue, University Circle

Taqueria La Loma and Supermarket, 421 Darrow Road, Akron, 330-784-9300

Cilantro Thai and Sushi Restaurant, 326 S. Main Street, Akron, 330-434-2876

Annotate and update your print edition. Let me know what I’ve missed. And if you’ve visited any of the new places name here, I’d love to get your opinion. In fact, I’ll mail a free copy of Cleveland Ethnic Eats to the first person that posts a write up describing their meal or their shopping trip to any one of these newly opened ethinc eats destinations.   My way of saying thanks for sticking with me.



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9 responses to “Bad Blogger

  1. I love La Loma Grocery/Taqueria; was just there again last weekend getting ingredients for a pozole party.

    Here’s my other thoughts:
    La Loma Supermarket

  2. I went to Istanbul Grill the other night and loved my two dishes. It was a great addition to Tremont. Thanks for the other listings. I’ll have to check some out in 2011!

  3. LOVE the instant response- and instant gratification- Mike V and Bite Buff. So good to know I still have a couple of readers out there. But if you want me to send the book (and you were both so prompt you each get one), you’ve got to provide more details about the places you mention in your comments. Thanks

  4. Sure thing:

    La Loma grocery has the only Mexican butcher I’m aware of in the Akron area. They have all sorts of specialty mexican cuts, from the odd pieces of beef tripe used in menudo, through pre-marinaded adobo pork; their own special recipe chorizo, and regular cuts of beef, pork, chicken and fish. They also have a good selection of mexican dry goods, produce, and beverages. I do my grocery shopping there when I have an urge for an authentic Mexican meal. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

    Their Taqueria is a treat as well; I stop there for lunch after my shopping is done. You have your choice of fillings in your order – I particularly like the barbacoa and chorizo, and having tongue on the menu shows a seriousness of purpose I have to respect. They have tacos, burritos and tortas, but my favorite is their sopes – small, fried bowls of masa dough, filled with your choice of stuffings. Oh, and I always buy a bottle of Mexican Coca-Cola, the kind with real sugar in it.

    • Congratulations. You earned yourself a free copy of Cleveland Ethnic Eats. Watch for it in your mailbox.
      And you’ve gotten me really excited about heading down to Akron for the La Loma experience- especially those sopas- they are one of my favorites. Tongue too.

      • Thank you!

        One thing I forgot to mention – the Taqueria is a taco truck. It’s always parked in front of the grocery store. Be prepared to eat in the car, or (if it’s nice out) in Goodyear park, right around the corner.

  5. Tom

    I have to second Mike’s recommendation of the La Loma Supermarket/Taqueria. I’ve written them up on my blog (at least the Taqueria) as well.

    However, I can also endorse Cilantro Thai and Sushi in Akron as well. The selection of sushi we had (technically nigiri) was fresh and tasty and I finally found a place in Akron that will make a Thai curry in a traditional ‘Thai Spicy’ fashion that I enjoy from time to time. I wrote up the secret for getting it to that spice level in one of my blog posts.

    In addition to Cilantro, just down the road on the University of Akron campus is another Thai/Japanese restaurant on Exchange Street called Taste of Bangkok that is also offering up some tasty cuisine. It isn’t quite as good as Cilantro, but it does give you some much needed choice in the Akron area.

    Finally, a little gem of a discovery I made on Rt. 224 by Springfield Lake is Siamone’s Thai Pub. Siamone is offering Thai, Cambodian, Korean, and Vietnamese specialties like Pad Thai, Bibimbap Dolsot, Pho, and lots of different Thai curries. When I need my Pho fix and don’t want to drive to Cleveland, this is where I go. They also have one of the best Tom Kha Gai soups that I’ve had in Cleveland or Akron. I’ve written about them several times on the blog.

    Don’t worry about the lag in keeping up. It’s just nice to know that you’re back.

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