Raising Ethnic Eaters

If you don’t want your kids to be picky eaters, give the littlest chewers lots of different things to eat, not once but over and over again. Make sure the mix includes a variety of ethnic foods.  And be patient- it can take  many “exposures” for a child to accept a new taste. The approach definitely worked with my three boys- now adults and enthusiastic culinary adventurers (and great cooks too!)

From ProChef Smart Brief

Giving toddlers a variety of foods can prevent picky eaters
Parents who expose their toddlers to a wide variety of food tastes, including ethnic dishes, may reduce their dependence on less-healthy childhood staples such as pasta and pizza and prevent them from becoming a picky eater, nutrition experts say. While a pregnant woman’s diet may influence her child’s food preferences, nutritionists recommend having a toddler try a food 20 times before deciding it is something they really do not like. The Boston Globe


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