Help Michael, Marika and Lucy’s Sweet Surrender

Carl Skalak of Blue Pike Farm wrote this:

   The picture of a barn raising,  a community effort to collectively help out a neighbor seems quaint and out of reach for those of us of a more urban persuasion.  Well, the local food community is a community too and one of our own suffered a calamity this weekend in the form of a assault and robbery.
      Michael & Marika Feigenbaum were robbed again this Memorial Day weekend at their bakery, “Lucy’s Sweet Surrender”  on Buckeye Rd. Fortunately, nobody was shot this time, but Michael got roughed up more than a little bit. I saw him Saturday morning about 4 hours after the assault and he was gamely trying to keep up with the orders but was visibly hurting. They lost several days worth of store receipts and the cash box for the day’s farmers markets. While he didn’t mention a figure I’m sure his loss was more than several thousand in cash alone. Money that will take months of effort to recoup. Theirs is not a business with large profit margins.
      Michael is a stubborn cuss, from Russian Jewish stock and will, I expect soldier on. Marika is still shaking and I think still not really yet recovered from being shot last year.  But this kind of calamity is not only a serious financial hit, but more so an emotional blow. Two violent robberies in 18 months is a bit much, even by Cleveland standards.
      “What’s political is also personal. If you believe in something, you should be willing to make sacrifices to support it, even if it’s expensive or inconvenient.” (Russ Parsons, L.A. Times food writer)
     What can you do?  Well, if you need a loaf of bread, food for a graduation party, office event, family get-together or just because you like quality baked goods consider making a purchase from them at the store on Buckeye or at one of the farmers markets (Shaker Sq. or Crocker Park on Saturdays). If you are already a customer, buy something extra. There is  little downside for you because “Lucy’s Sweet Surrender” makes quality stuff (I’m a fool for his poppy seed goodies) . And your support now can make a big difference in gritting them back on track.
      You won’t get any splinters in your fingers and you’ll help rebuild their business too.
     Bravo to  Carl. I couldn’t have said it better and I think what he’s trying to do by encouraging all of us to get involved in this small, simple way is brilliant… and right.   Please act on his suggestion and pass this call for help on to everyone you know. Thanks.


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10 responses to “Help Michael, Marika and Lucy’s Sweet Surrender

  1. thanks carl, laura and all our customers for your heartfelt support.

  2. Wow, how sad. I’ve worked with them before- wonderful people. Get out there and buy Cleveland!

  3. Janice Harris

    Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry for your guys…you know we love your pastries but more importantly your commitment to Shaker, Shaker Schools and Sports and Shaker’s Farmer’s Market from the beginning! I will be by soon to buy and eat and thank God you are both okay!

  4. Pat

    I was there today, bought some sweets and savories, and showed my young son the back of the bakery. Marika has been giving him “butter cookies” since before he even had teeth, and my older son worked there for a short time so we all have a connection to the Feigenbaums (also know them from the market). Thank you, Laura, for a nicely done article.

    • So glad you visited the bakery. Michael and Marika really do need to see that people care about them and their situation. And thanks for writing about it here- I think it will encourage others to show some love. But credit for the article really should go to Carl Skalak of Blue Pike Farm.

  5. I had no idea this had happened. Thanks Laura for passing on the terrible news. I am a HUGE fan of Lucy’s and will do everything I can to rally the shoppers.

  6. Borbala

    I JUST found out about this place reading John T. Sabol’s “Cleveland’s Buckeye neighborhood Book (Images of America series)
    Plan on becoming a new customer, especailly considering my Hungarian roots are from the Buckeye /Woodland area since the turn of last century!

  7. I grew up on Buckeye Road and have loved this place my whole life!

  8. Nora

    Will place order if I can long-distance. People are so horrible these days. Sorry for what happened to you.

    • Lucy’s Sweet Surrender is temporarily closed right now. The bakery will re-open in a new location mid to end of February. Check their website for details, phone number and ordering info.

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