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Bac to the Drawingboard

Made my first visit to Bac, the new self-described Asian American bistro in Tremont. It was a very unsatisfying experience.  The mostly Vietnamese menu was disappointing both in the selection and execution of the four dishes tried. Far better examples of this cusine can be found elsewhere around town for less money.

The traditional coconut milk crepe was bland. A green papaya salad had fresh flavor and an appealing crunch, but was soupy with dressing. It was served on a plate and every time I tried to fork up a bite, a little flood washed over the edge and onto the table. My banh mi sandwich was the worst offender. There was more bread than anything else: the roast pork was in short supply, the slice of ham no different that what I’d get at the grocery store, and no sign of the sauasage and pate the menu promised. My companion’s cold noodle salad was tasteless, even with the entire container of sauce  that came with it poured on and contained few vegetables. He ordered it with tofu and the fried cubes were tough and rubbery.   

I know a lot of time, care and effort went into putting this place together and designing the menu. But it  didn’t show in what came out of the kitchen last week. The food still needs some serious attention.  And I’m surprised that what was supposed to be a major remodel appears to be primarily a paint job- the space seems little changed from what was there before when it was La Tortilla Feliz.

Anyone been there? Had a positive experience? Hearing from you night give me  a reason to give this place another try. Without that, I doubt I’ll go back to Bac.


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Some events to add to your calendar.

Come see me tomorrow and say Hi. I’ll be autographing books at the Barnes and Noble Fairlawn store in Montrose (4015 Medina Rd) Friday night, June 19 from 7-8 PM.

Two wine dinners next Thursday night, June 25. Both sound wonderful so choosing will be tough. I’ll give you all the info and mouthwatering menus but you’re on your own deciding which one to attend.  If you go to either, please post about your evening here.  

dine_vt Michaelangelo’s, 2198 Murray Hill Rd. · Cleveland, Ohio 44106 · Tel. 216-721-0300 · Venetian Wine Dinner, Thursday June 25, 2009 7:00 p.m.   Featuring wines from producer Vignalta. $50.00 per person does not include tax or tip. Reservations required.

Antipasto:Pan-fried eggplant roulade, asparagus, ricotta and parmesan reggiano. Pinot Nero Bianco ‘07

Primi:Char-grilled langostino, baby arugula, and extra virgin olive oil. Chardonnay ‘07

 Pesce: Char-grilled yellowfin tuna, fennel salad, spicy red pepper coulis, and micro greens. Rosso Riserva ‘04

Secondi: Venison tenderloin, cracked pepper, rosemary, and rainbow swiss chard. “Gemola” ‘03

Dolce: Almond pastry, citrus glaze, candied citrus. “Alpian” Moscato NV


lagoLago, Tremont,  Spann Vineyards winemaker’s dinner.

1st Course – Betsy’s Backacher
Scallop and cucumber cheviche
2nd Course- Chardonnay-Viognier
Grilled Maine Lobster Salad
3rd Course – Betsy’s Backacher
Roasted Beet Ravioli with Lamb Ragu
4th Course – Charbono
Cherry Lacquered Pork Belly with Rosemary Risotto 5th Course – Dualing Cabs
Elk Tenderloin au Poivre with Truffled Gaufrites
6th Course – Port
Trio of Choc Truffles 

$70 per person (+tax & gratuity)

Reservations Required ~ Limited Seating

Call 216-344-0547 

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Lago-Vegetarian Mondays by Beth Yurich

I want to thank Laura Taxel for inviting me to write about vegetarian dining in Cleveland. I have been a vegetarian for 25 years, and there has never been a more exciting time for veggies to dine out than now. I look forward to sharing all kinds of fun places you can enjoy, with or without, your meat eating friends.

Lago Restaurant & Wine Bar in Tremont hosts vegetarian Mondays. Along with their regular menu, they offer a nice selection of vegetarian and vegan meals.  For us vegetarians this is great, because there aren’t a large number of fine dining restaurants we can enjoy. The offerings on the menu are numerous, even many appetizers such as an antipasti platter, grilled flatbread and a few other scrumptious sounding selections.

My group decided to forgo appetizers and order salads instead. I got the vegan caesar since I never get to have caesar salads. It was a combo of oven dried tomatoes, romaine lettuce and roasted red peppers. The dressing was a not heavy but had a creamy texture. My friend ordered the vegetable canneloni salad and it was amazing. The arugula and red peppers were wrapped in pasta and presented like a spring roll. The dressing was a  lemon vinaigrette, and balsamic vinegar was drizzled around the plate. Both salads were delicious, but the pasta arugula was so different, we voted it best. Here is a photo of the winning salad

Here is a photo of the winning salad

There were three of us so we ordered three different entrees, although it was hard to narrow it down. We decided on the vegetable pizza with roasted crimini mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and goat cheese; the grilled marinated tofu with white beans and roasted red pepper in balsamic reduction; and the vegan risotto with brussel sprouts and roasted garlic. The pizza had nice flavors going on, with the roasted mushrooms and a few caramelized onions and the cheese. The crust was thin and soft, not crispy, making it a perfect texture. The risotto was wonderful combo, with the sweet taste of the garlic, and the bitter of the brussel sprout.  The grilled tofu was light and refreshing, the reduction sauce a perfect addition. The waitress offered sharing plates when we were served, so we were all able to enjoy all the entrees. Everyone had a different favorite.

We ordered both vegan desserts – molten chocolate cake and vegan trifle. You can also order from the main dessert menu which has a goat cheese creme brulée and an olive oil cake – very intriguing. The molten chocolate cake won hands down with its rich fudgie sauce and the melt in your mouth cake.  The trifle was tasty as well. It had a tangy macerated fruit sauce and a nice, not too sweet cake. So if you aren’t a super sweets person, the trifle would be perfect.

The executive chef Josh, stopped at our table to thank us for enjoying his vegetarian meals. Our waitress did a good job anticipating what we needed. The entire staff is friendly and ready to serve.  All the entrées are around $18, the salads $8, the pizza was $10. If you are looking to not spend a ton, you can still enjoy visiting Lago for vegetarian Mondays. I felt you could share the pizza and get two salads. That would make the meal $12-$14 per person and I don’t think anyone would go away hungry.


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